What is the difference between our consumer loan and a payday loan?

We provide larger loans, for longer periods, at lower interest rates. A payday loan is a quick fix, and your loan payment doesn't build your credit to help solve the larger problems you're dealing with. By eliminating debt and building credit, we help you create a financial future with real promise.

What is the difference between our consumer loan and a bank?

Our consumer loan doesn't just look at your credit score, but at the bigger picture, which includes your personal and financial history, to help get you the right loan at the right time.

How can you help improve my credit score?

When your debt is consolidated and paid off directly, your credit score can begin to improve immediately. Paying your loan monthly and borrowing responsibly will continue to help your credit rating. Our consumer loan program has partnered with TransUnion to give you access to your detailed credit report, making it easier to access the information that will help you take control of your financial future.

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Lowest Rates* in Canada

Lowest Rates* in Canada
Term Our Rate Bank Rate
3 Year Fixed 4.99% 6.44%
5 Year Fixed 4.59% 6.34%
5 Year Variable 5.75% 7.15%
27 Mar 2023

Updated: August 01, 2017

Rates may vary between geographic regions and the posted rates on this website may not be available in your area. Please contact your local CENTUM office for more details.

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